Company establishment and business plan preparation

Our expertise involves preparation, collection of necessary documentation and counseling upon establishing your Company in the Croatian market. Furthermore, Punta Christo specializes in developing comprehensive business plans and investment studies while providing an economic and financial analysis with a background of the market you are entering.

Representation and management consultancy for foreign companies

We are eager to represent your Company and manage its day-to-day business operations in Istria, Croatia. By arranging and working closely with experts in all respective areas, Punta Christo coordinates the resolution of all legal, financial, tax and other business-related implications that your Company encounters.

Real estate investment, management, and maintenance activities

Punta Christo will supervise your real estate project by collaborating with the experts on your behalf. Our supervision will involve activities ranging from the design and construction itself to eventually selling the premise or renting it, depending on your specific goals. Living far away from your property investment means that you need a trustworthy local partner who will look after and maintain your property, whilst keeping you up to date about everything that is happening on and around the premise.

Provision of advertising services

If you have existing product or services that you think about introducing to the Croatian or Southeast European market, Punta Christo can help with advertising, distribution, and ultimately selling your products or services in these markets.